To translate this blog

Click the link below to translate this blog into the language of your choice:

Afrikaans Albanian Arabic Armenian
Azerbaijani Basque Belarusian Bulgarian
Catalan Chinese (S) Chinese (T) Croatian
Czech Danish Dutch Estonian
Filipino Finnish French Galician
German Georgian Greek Hebrew
Hindi Hungarian Icelandic Indonesian
Irish Italian Japanese Korean
Latavian Lithuanian Macedonian Malay
Maltese Norwegian Persian Polish
Portuguese Romanian Russian Serbian
Slovak Slovenian Spanish Swahili
Swedish Thai Turkish Ukrainian
Urdu Vietnamese Wels

About Susan
Retired academic, website creator, SEO advisor, grandmother. I love the sea, dogs and walks; I hate fluorescent lights and TV sport.

4 Responses to To translate this blog

  1. You’re unquestionably correct with this blog post.

  2. simonfj says:

    Limited list, bah! That’s just terrific.

    Gotta question though.One of the things I’m interested in is coming up with a directory for global subject/disciplinary groups. They call them ‘external’ groups at INternet2.

    Taking that a bunch of NREN network managers can come up with federated log in to a group’s members’ space and integrate a number of “common services”
    could librarians com up with the directory?

    • Dear simonfj
      I am happy that you think the translation options are sufficient! More importantly, you have raised a very exciting and useful idea, which may be our first collaborative project. I have briefly examined the internet2 and aaf sites, and I am confident that librarians – together with records managers, archivists and museum people – will be able to work on this. I will set up another Wallwisher page, and announce it in a separate post, so that it is not missed.
      Thanks so much for this brilliant suggestion.
      All the best

  3. Sorry about the limited list. I hope Google get onto more languages: for example, they seem to think that all Africans speak Swahili. But some is better than none.

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